The Complete Plan For Parents Who Want To Empower Their Kids Against Sexual Abuse and Pornography While Also Giving Them The Freedom and Independence They Need.

YOUNG + WILD + SAFE: How to Arm Your Kids Against Sexual Abuse and Pornography

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from interviewing sexual abuse survivors, forensic pediatric examiners, therapists and even convinced abusers and combined my research  into a comprehensive course. This curriculum not only teaches you how to protect your kids, but also how to breach the issue by using analogies from nature. 

You’ll not only learn exactly what you and your kids need to watch out for—you’ll be able to view our hyper-connected culture through an educated lens that you can pass on to your little ones. 

Above all, we want to equip you to raise your children with an unshakable love for themselves and a healthy respect for others—to do as much as we can to ensure that no child’s sexuality is tainted by a predator or the pornography industry.


A quick break down of each of the modules


You want your child to be young, wild, and safe. In this module, we introduce the grand analogy—a hike through the wilderness and the mindset that you will be using all throughout the course. 


Just like a brooding storm, the social grooming of our hypersexualized, mass media culture can derail our children’s adventures. In this module, we talk about how modern media’s mixed messages can influence our children and what to do about it.


In this module, we go in-depth into the mind of sexual predators—who they are, how they work. We cover how to empower the kids and early warning signs of grooming. We also talk about what to do if your child tells you someone has touched them or is making them feel unsafe.


It’s time to get the facts at what the counterfeit world of pornography does to our children’s sexuality. We provide talking points, resources, and direction on what to do if your child is exposed to porn.

Planting Seeds

In this module we put everything we’ve learned together into age appropriate lessons for the kids. You’ll learn to be your child's teacher using games or simply pointing out elements of the natural world.


Throughout the course, I provide you with interviews, books, talking points, instructional videos, and other helpful resources to aid you every step of the way. 

This I Promise

Spend a week with YOUNG + WILD + SAFE. In seven short days, you can arm yourself and your children with knowledge that will change their lives.

 At the end of the week, if you don’t feel like this course was worth every dollar you invested, I’ll refund every penny.

 There is zero-risk for you.

 I know the power of this course material. I know if you manage to implement only one of these lessons, your children will face the world safer, smarter, and healthier. 

So sign up now.

 I guarantee you’ll look back on this decision as the best investment you’ve ever made for your family.

YES! I'm ready to learn how to protect my family, knowing I have a full, 7-Day Money back Guarantee

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Questions Other Parents Have Asked

Before Joining Young + Wild +Safe

This is a tough topic. That’s why YWS provides easy-to-grasp metaphors to ease your child to greater concepts without being graphic or frightening.

 All of the lessons work with all genders.

 I've done my best to make YWS and neutral as possible, but with that said, there may be something with in the course that doesn't align with your religion or culture (we talking about sexual issues here, so something is bound to come up for someone). Of course, you can always send a message to me, and I will do my best to find a solution for you.

 Time is not a renewable resource, especially for parents, so YWS is made up of short 15 minute videos that can be watched or just listened to on your desktop or mobile device. No homework and no worksheets that you have to fill out. We do have additional resources if you want them, but they are not necessary understanding the lessons

Yes! We have an app so you can watch or listen to the videos (almost) anywhere.

From the day that you register you will have access to YOUNG+WILD+SAFE and the private Facebook group for 12 months from the date you register.  

If any of these statements below ring true for you, then you are a perfect fit to enroll in Young+Wild+Safe and give your kids a fighting change at protecting themselves from negative sexual influence.

>> You KNOW for a fact that you are going to have to talk with your kids about pornography at some point, but don't know where to start.

>> You want to be the kind of parent that can relax and let their kids go to friends' houses without being afraid someone will hurt them.

>> You get that life for our kids is WAY different than it was for us, and you are ready to dig into those differences and do the work to help them have the best childhood possible.

>> You're willing to take a good look at yourself to work through the lingering shame that you might have picked when you were little, so you don't pass it on to your kids. 

>> You're open to learning a tough subject in a new way so you can create a multi-generational legacy of empowered your family's kids. 



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