Hi There! My name is Emily Gaudreau, and I am OBSESSED with teaching parents and caregivers how to keep their kids safe from sexual abuse without having to become a dreaded helicopter parent!


How did this become my life?

It was 2008 when my photography career hit rock bottom when I was put on assignment by Playboy.com to shoot their "party school of the year" celebration. When I finished the shoot, I put my camera in a box and swore it would never come out again. 

That day I chose to become a Maverick and aligned with my real purpose: to protect the beautiful, physical expression of love from being used as a tool to manipulate, profit from, and cause pain. 


My mission is to help you gently lead your kids to a place where they love themselves, respect others, and protect each other from those that don't!


There are many ways I can help you, no matter where you are on your parenting journey. 

A great way to start is with my podcast! Today How To Raise a Maverick. 


Catch Your Kids Playing "Doctor"?

Download your quick guide to what is normal vs concerning sexual behaviors your kids might have and at what age.

Hint... Playing Doctor is 100% Normal :)

Your Kids Don't Need to Look for Porn, It will Find Them!

Get Your Free Digital Lock Down Cheat Sheet For (Almost) All The Links To Parental Restrictions. 


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