Young + Wild + Safe is training a new generation of parents & caring adults to stop sexual abuse so kids can be wildly safe.

Age Appropriate

Parents are given lessons based on a child's 'three mountains of understanding'. Being able to introduce tricky topics without fear is key!

Nature Based

Young + Wild + Safe is taught using analogies and universal laws found in the natural world. 

100% Up To Date with Current Issues

Following out dated methods is dangerous so Young + Wild + Safe is constantly being updated with the latest research.

FREE Powerful Predator Repellent Mini Course

I now offer a FREE sexual abuse prevention mini course. Each mini course includes 3 video tutorials that teach you how to create a perfect layer of protection around your family without limiting the freedom of your kids (even letting them go to sleepovers). In my upcoming Powerful Predator Mini Course, I will share how to use nature to "plant conversation seeds" that will allow you to educate your kids in an age-appropriate way without ruining their innocence, make sure you are not attracting predators to your family and how to empower kids so they don't become targets in the first place. Powerful Predator Repellant is offered a few times each year, and videos are available for a limited time only. Registration is FREE

Join The Free Abuse Prevention Workshop


It's all about making it easy for parents to have hard conversations!

If you too are passionate about stoping child sexual abuse, join the movement in two ways..


Meet Emily 

National Speaker,               

Podcast Host,

Mom, Step-Mom, God Mother 

Fierce Fighter for Children's Rights


The Powerful Predator Repellant Mini Course is FREE but registration is required. 

Once you have signed up, we'll send you the link to the first video.


Join the waitlist to learn with  Emily Gaudreau, founder of How To Raise a Maverick and Young + Wild Safe for a free video series to learn key skills in protecting your family from sexual abuse. 

In this FREE 4-part video-based course, you'll learn:

  • How to use nature to "plant conversation seeds" easily explain everything from how sexual predators work to pornography
  • How to create a "don't mess with that family" reputation without having to become the Godfather ;)
  • How to empower kids so they don't become a target in the first place

The Mini-Course is free, but registration is required. Once you have signed up, we'll send you the link.